Listing of helpful forms for providing EMERGENCY MEDICAL INFORMATION  and more...

As our population grows older and as more citizens choose to live alone, there has risen a need for local emergency service personnel to have access to ones medical information when responding to a 911 call or when a family member or a nearby friend is summonsed to provide assistance.

Emergency personnel are trained to respond, enter the house, and while one persons seeks to find the individual needing help, a second one looks on the back of the front door and then on the refrigerator door for emergency instructions. EMS INFORMATION sometimes called FILE OF LIFE.

Such information especially when current, provides key information to those trying to provide needed assistance. In addition to name, address and contact information, it lists medical data including doctor contact information, medical problems, any recent surgery and medical conditions including allergies.

Below are links which will switch to ready-to-use forms for your use in developing an 'EMS' packet for personal use as well as selecting some other useful forms.

EMS (Emergency Medical Service) forms pages 1 and 2 which may be printed back to back or separately. Use one copy per person.

EMS Page 3 which contains personal information about locations where personal documents such as a Power of Attorney, a Will and last instructions are stored.

A DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) form, including CPR, which states your personal preference and must be signed by you and your medical doctor.  

Instructions on performing CPR on an adult - see website:

A page describing a new stroke indicator.

EVERY ADULT NEEDS AN ADVANCE DIRECTIVE. Find help on line at www.aging with the Five Wishes workbook. Make it official - rules vary from state to state. See caring connections at .

Helpful hints to assist in non-medical disasters.

For those who believe that civilization is nearing its end, visit  GOOGLE 'doomsday preppers' and see websites and sources of emergency supplies.

Information on this web page is strictly for your use. No guarantees are made as to accuracy or effectiveness. Check it out with your local authorities if you have any questions about it or about how such authorities may or may not use it if you post it in your house, car or office. Depending on your health situation, you may wish to carry a copy in your purse or pocket especially for medical appointments. Share copies with your friends, relatives and those you have identified as 'Contact Persons.'